November 9, 2002

Mr. Steven J. Farquharson
District Director
U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service
Room 1700, JFK Federal Building
Boston, MA 02203

Dear Mr. Farquharson:

I was dismayed to learn this week of the arrest of Mr. Amer Jubran in Rhode Island and his detention in a federal facility there without charges and without a bond proceeding that would allow for his timely release.

Mr. Jubran is a widely-known and respected Palestinian activist whose speaking appearance on Cape Cod last month drew much favorable public attention. I understand that he has a valid green card and is in full complicance with all applicable regulations concerning non-citizens residing in this country. His detention by the INS would therefore appear to be without real foundation; its prolongation would give color to the suspicion that he is being held because of his political activism.

I write as a U.S. military veteran of Jewish descent, and an active supporter of political freedom and civil liberty. Mr. Jubran's arrest and detention sounds to me like an arbitrary administrative action undertaken for purely political reasons that needs to be corrected without delay. I urge his immediate release.

cc: Commissioner James W. Ziglar, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 425 I Street NW, Washington, DC 20536

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