Dear Mr. Farquharson:

I am writing to protest the treatment by the Immigration and Naturalization Service of Mr. Amer Jubran, currently in INS custody in the Adult Correctional Institution in Cranston, Rhode Island. I am a resident of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and a recipient of numerous awards for protecting the environment of Cape Cod. I have been a friend of Mr. Jubran and his family for several years.

Mr. Jubran has been in INS custody since November 4, 2002. While in INS custody, the following gross violations of his rights have occurred:

Mr. Jubran was subject to physical and verbal abuse by INS agent David Atkins both during and after his arrest. On November 4th, this officer illegally forced his way into Mr. Jubran's home, without a search warrant. Agent Atkins failed to identify himself, and failed to apprise Mr. Jubran of his rights under the law. This agent was then party to threatening Mr. Jubran with a fifty year jail term if he failed to cooperate with the FBI.

While in INS detention, Mr. Jubran was interrogated by the FBI without his lawyer being present. The FBI continued interrogation without complying with Mr. Jubran's request that his lawyer be present. The INS allowed this to happen. In fact, the INS facilitated the interrogation.

Mr. Jubran has not been charged with any crime serious enough to warrant detention. In fact, he has not been charged with any crime at all. Moreover, the INS has stated that the term of his detention is indefinite. This is an outrageous condition.

It is impossible to escape the conclusion that this punishment is directed at Mr. Jubran for his political activism -- activism which has been conducted legally and which is protected by the First Amendment right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution. The INS has not only violated that right; it has acted to selectively persecute individuals according what can only be called a political agenda, while failing to state this agenda.

In the past year and a half the INS has gained a reputation for racial profiling and illegal detention of hundreds of Arab and Muslim men all over the U.S. While carrying this out, the INS has trampled on numerous rights guaranteed in the Constitution. The arrest and detention of Mr. Jubran is yet another example.

I request an explanation from you, as the INS regional director, on these serious violations. I further request that a bond hearing for Mr. Jubran be scheduled immediately. Mr. Jubran must be released from INS custody now.

cc: Commissioner James W. Ziglar, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 425 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20536

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